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Tutor: Shereen Tulloch

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Do you dream of being a radio presenter, television presenter or voice over artist?

But you don't know how to get started?

Then take your first step into broadcasting with Absolute Television Productions and our one day courses.

Our one-day intensive course is perfect for you if you have always wanted to present a radio show, a television programme or have your voice used on radio and television commercials.

The problem is, what are the professionals looking for? Who do you speak too? How should you sound and how do you put together a professional showreel?

A showreel lets Radio Boss's and Producers hear and TV bosses see what you can do before they could even consider you for that dream job. So if you want to be taken seriously then you need a showreel They need a showreel of your talents!

Our courses will cover what you need to know including voice coaching techniques, and what to say. Plus on the day, you'll be given prepared scripts for you to read before we go into the studio to record your voice.

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