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Continuity Announcer & Radio Travel Presenter

Another way to get into broadcasting is as a television / radio
continuity announcer.

An announcer is responsible for promoting programmes on the television or radio. They tell the audience what shows are coming up on their television or radio station. They must be able to write a good script and announce forthcoming shows.

A Travel presenter compiles information and tells the radio audience of any travel delays.

Our course will include script writing exercise, what to put onto your audio CD and recording of your voice for your showreel.

The Continuity Announcer & Travel Presenter Showreel Course fee is £220.00 per person within a group session, maximum 4 people.
We also offer One-to-One Courses for £320.00.

This includes your information packs, compilation audio show reel, course materials, coaching, prepared scripts, studio time, engineer, light lunch and refreshments

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